Life Through a Prisma Colored Lens

By Destany Fenton

This is my very first series. It is a work in progress and I will frequently come back to it.

 "Life Through a Prisma Colored Lens" features a higher intensity color and contrast than one normally sees with naked eyes. The prismatic color effects on the subjects are quite intentional.

The concept for this series was born while I was watching my daughter swinging on the playground. She would squeal and scream with joy, kick her feet and through back her head, laughing insanely. She had not a care in the world! I remember that feeling and I know many adults do as well.

She did not care that the grass was a tad long, or that it was parched and yellowed in places. She did not care about the current political debates raging all over the Internet, Washington and the news. She didn't care that some parents disagree with each other on what is the best way to raise children, or any of the other controversies, hang-ups, fixations and judgements we adults wage on one another that often cause us so much stress and sour moodiness. All she cared about was having fun.

I have seen this same "blindness" in all of my children. Who they play with, what they play, what they play with. Little girls who play with cars and trucks, with mud and earthworms do not realize they are crossing lines of gender. Boys who as toddlers reach for the lacy dress-up gown or play with dolls, until one day someone informs them that those things are for girls. They play indiscriminately on the playground with whoever is there - regardless of gender, religion or skin tone.

Just as a prism is the one representation of the purest light - the purest color, because it represents all facets of the spectrum in equal fashion, children are the truest manifestation of light and joy on Earth. They see so much more clearly than adults, because they see everything equally - as if through a prisma colored lens - they see the purity in our hearts and the joy in life, that we adults who are often so focused on negativity and what we are supposed to think, like and do, cannot.

This series will seek to capture the way that children are oblivious to the cynicism our culture tries to bestow onto them, by seeing everything with purity of heart, through their prisma colored lenses.


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