Wednesday, November 28, 2012

What You See When You Look at Me

When you first saw this drawing of a withered old man, who did you think he was? 

The minute our eyes set upon an unexplained character, our mind will automatically rifle through its bank of predisposed individuals we have either encountered, read about or seen in movies.

Given the time of year, some perhaps, will have seen a reposed and thoughtful Santa Claus. Others, might see a wise man or a magi. Others still, might of thought instantly of a wizard, such as Gandalf or even Dumbledore, if they had only read about them in books. Maybe he reminded you of someone that you know. Others simply see a man - either wise with age, or even an old fool. 

I think we see more than a presumption when we make up our minds about such things. It's not simply who he reminds us of, most truly, but perhaps we see the man we really want him to be. 


Laura said...

I think this if my fave of all you have done!

desfenton said...

Thanks Laura! It's one of my favorites too. :)