Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Scooter For Sister

Kieran and Ailia are two adorable, spunky children. They live with their mom and dad in the middle of a bustling city, but enjoy a relaxed and laid-back childhood. The values that their parents cherish, live by and teach them are more reflective of practicality and simplicity than many of us are used to in this modern era.

Their mother Dionna, considers her family to be, "Crunchy - but not crunchier than thou," meaning they employ many natural practices and use many natural products. They try to live mindfully, emphasizing that everyone has a responibility to treat the planet respectfully. This means shopping ethically and making a consious effort to buy and use products that are not only eco-friendly but human friendly. Many of Kieran and Ailia's toys, for instance, are made of natural materials - wooden blocks and pounding toys, hand-made baby dolls, etc.

Kieran and Ailia's parents also raise them with respect and gentleness. They strive to treat their children the way they wish to be treated, and model the values they hope their children will someday have. They believe that children with strong, healthy attachments grow into happy, independent adults. Therefore, in their family, babies are breastfed until the self-wean, they share a family bed, and keep their children close and interacting with them and their world by using safe baby carriers and responding to their needs according to their developmetnal stage.

As many "attached" children tend to do, they also do school at home - or as Kieran likes to put it, "We do school everywhere!" Their parents love the unschooling philosophy of allowing their children to follow their own interests on thier own schedules, but sometimes they also enjoy a healthy dose of more traditional educational fun.

This scene with the cute little wooden scooter played out in the families driveway on a summer afternoon. The scooter was purchased second hand for Kieran when he was a toddler. He was all too eager to introduce it to his baby sister, whom he positively dotes on. As he gazes at Ailia with complete adoration, the love he is surrounded by on a daily basis positively beams across his face.

"A Scooter For Sister"
12" x 16"
Oil on Canvas


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