Monday, September 10, 2012

Fly Me to the Sky

"Bug" and "Monkey," as their parents lovingly refer to them, are two happy little girls who are brought up in a modern tradition of old religion and the blending of secular customs. While many Christians celebrate rebirth of Christ in the Easter season, Bug and Monkey's parents go further back to pre-Christian rituals, when the pagan sects would celebrate Ostara or Ishtar. That is, the Spring equinox: the time of year when light and darkness are equal. The girls celebrate many typical Easter customs, but learn the old meanings behind them. As they color their eggs brightly, their mother explains how they are celebrating fertility and the woman's ability to bring forth life from herself.

On the morning of Ostara, the girls were given a customary gift, this year they recieved kites. They were so excited, they couldn't wait to use them so their parents took them to the feild in front of their house and the girls had a great time running and laughing and learning to fly them.

"Fly Me to the Sky" captures the invincibility in childhood - those moments when we feel like we can do the most remarkable things. Before we ultimately learn that their are limitations on what we can accomplish, we truly believe that we an fly to the sky.

"Fly Me to the Sky"
16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas

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