Monday, August 27, 2012

Life Through a Prisma Colored Lens - Swinging High

 "Swinging High" is the first painting in the series, "Life Through a Prisma Colored Lens" and is what prompted me to paint the series. The joy on my daughters face was not isolated to this one event. Every time she is on a swing, all of her cares and her worries melt away and she dissolves into fits of giggles as the swooping and wooshing tickle her tummy.

Every time I see her on it and hear those peals of crazed laughter ringing in from the backyard I am transported to my own childhood. I remember the simplicity of those days. It seemed at the time there were so many rules, so many "have to's" and "can'ts" that I couldn't wait to grow up and follow my own rules. Only to be disappointed to discover adults have a great many rules we "have" to follow, don't we? Rules of etiquette, how to socialize properly, how often we're allowed to go out (or how often we're allowed to stay in, before we're heckled and given a hard time for it), how we're supposed to raise our own children, how much or how little we're allowed to work, who we're supposed to hang out with and what it means when we hang out with someone who's maybe a little different from the rest of our friends... and on and on it goes. We have all of these rules for others, as well. Codes of conduct and formalities and customs, all the way to the judgements and condemnations, the prejudices of those who do not follow our path. Yes, so many rules... what a tragedy, I thought. I long for the simplicity of thinking what I want to think and doing what I wanted to do - to jump on my swing set and scream at the sky and forget that anyone was looking at me. I miss my prisma colored lenses, and I wish to celebrate the nature of their innocence by paying them homage. Thus, the concept for my series was born and so I paint. I hope you enjoy them!

Swinging High
16" x 20"
Oil on Canvas



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